Cyber World IT training management services (TMS) assist maritime, oil and gas, wind, and industrial companies in managing their training and licensing while lowering administration expenses and ensuring compliance with often changing industry standards and regulations. We govern the organization’s training and licensing needs so that they can concentrate on their core activities.

Managing company-wide training needs effectively is a difficult task. TMS refers to the full or partial outsourcing of these tasks to a team of professionals to allow the company to focus on its core business.

We match you with the right consultant specialized in training management for your specific company type and region based on your organization’s footprint and industry. They will be your dedicated point of contact for configuring, setting up, and managing your TMS solution daily.

Benefits of Training Management:

1. Reduce administrative costs:

Many businesses require training flexibility because business plans change, which influences competency requirements and training plans.

Though, flexibility can be expensive. Without the proper setup, re-organizing planned training is a time-consuming and resource-intensive manual task.

TMS provides the expertise, platform, and immediate vendor access required to develop your organization rapidly. Greater adaptability without the need for extra internal resources.

  1. Improve operational efficiency:

Many businesses waste valuable time and aids working on or switching between IT platforms that are unfit for purpose, necessitate time-consuming manual work-processes, and have limited automation and reporting functionality that slows down decision making.

There are significant efficiency gains to be gained by upgrading the TMS platform to become a seamless and efficient tool (rather than an obstacle to overcome).

  1. Reduce the risk of non-compliance while increasing the requirements to cooperate fully:

Many businesses feel increased pressure to demonstrate compliance, not only internally but also to existing and potential new customers. Failure to demonstrate sound compliance processes may result in missed opportunities. Using a professional TMS platform, you can ensure that this never happens. Also, you are allowed to check that there is always complete transparency and compliance.

What does Cyber World IT offer for Training Management?

  • We match training needs to company and regulatory necessities and keep track of your company’s certifications.
  • We could also find the best vendors for you and save you money by consolidating your orders, or we can make individual training agreements on your behalf.
  • Cyber World IT can handle everything from initial bookings to participant communication and invoicing.
  • Our website can assist you with travel and hotel accommodations arrangements.
  • Our experts provide consolidated invoicing and payment management, as well as detailed reports and spend summaries.