Communicate with your customers in a way that cuts through the obstructions and produces tangible results. Contact Cyber World IT today to learn more about bulk SMS marketing and what you can accomplish.

The practice of sending promotional or transactional text messages for marketing purposes is known as SMS marketing (SMS). Additionally, these messages are primarily used to send time-sensitive offers, updates, and alerts to people who have agreed to receive them from your company.

The best part is that our team at Cyber World IT can collaborate with your company to find the best bulk text messaging solution for you. Therefore, you can put your faith in a dependable mass text messaging service that many global companies have used in the past and continue to use today. Moreover, learn more about what you’ll get with our bulk SMS marketing services by reading on.

A2P SMS (Application to Person):

When an SMS message is sent from an application, typically through a web app, to a mobile subscriber, a short code service is provided by Cyber World IT. Thus everything that 2-Way has to offer is instantly available via our API. Shortcode service is required.


 We provide an API that you can incorporate into your website or application.

Bulk SMS Feature:

 Send SMS from your company’s name. (Maximum of 11 characters for the Sender ID)

  • Time to report: 24 hours (Maximum)
  • Individual SMS to a unique phone number
  • Web Access with a Password
  • Messages can be sent to up to 450 characters (160 characters per SMS).
  • There is no charge for phone or email support.
  • There are no hidden fees.
  • Report on Management Information: Complete MIS with a downloadable MS-Excel report.
  • Pricing is consistent across all networks and destinations.

Payment Method:

  • Prepaid Payment Optional payment methods include Bkash and bank transfers.


  • Complete safety and privacy protection.

Why Should You Use Cyber World IT for Bulk SMS Marketing?

 Cyber World IT is proud to provide a mobile marketing and SMS advertising service our customers can rely on it. Further, the designation of our software system is based on making bulk SMS messaging as simple as possible.

The Advantages of Bulk SMS Marketing with Cyber World IT:

  •  Your messages will deliver on time:

Our bulk SMS software ensures that your messages will deliver on time.  We are an international SMS marketing company with industry experts, and we are confident in our service. So, as a result, we can provide an SLA guarantee of 100 percent uptime.

  • Your messages are being read:

Choose Cyber World IT to launch your SMS marketing campaign, bypass email filters and reach out directly to your customers via SMS. Ensure that your customers receive your mass text messaging campaign and that they can easily access your message. Therefore, Incorporate SMS campaigns into your marketing calendar and watch your open and click-through rates skyrocket.

  • Adapts to your business and software:

Our bulk SMS service is customizable, which means that our team will work hard to tailor your messaging to your specific needs. Additionally, we also provide sleek API integrations to meet all of your bulk SMS needs.