CyberWorld IT is pleased to announce the launch of our technologically advanced online automation system for School/College Management.

So, CyberWorld IT is a providing comprehensive web-based school management software.

This system not only reduces manual work and hassles. Moreover, it also enhances your institute’s reputation by fostering close relationships among parents, faculty, students, and staff.

Further, we also guarantee that using our software will save you a significant number of person-hours each year.

This school management system gracefully and impressively handles all of IT VISION’s requirements for easy school management. So, this system is adequate for your institute’s requirements and provides a more efficient and detailed overview of your institution.

Furthermore, it allows schools and their branches to track and manage student and employee data. Further, it can also update the performance records in real-time by providing themes or modules.

Therefore, Parents use the system, students, teachers, and administrators to share information about grades. Further, it also allows sharing attendance records, and homework assignments, among other things.

Front end Modules of School/College Management along with its features:

  1. Home: 

  • Slider:

So, this page contains a slideshow of images related to the academy.

  • Download links:

Therefore, you can use these links to download various curricular materials.

  • Useful links:

Links connect you to a variety of other useful websites.

  • History and information about the institute related to School/College Management:

This section contains a variety of information about the institute.

  • Result search system:

This section allows visitors to look up the results of a specific student.

  • Student carousel:

Photos of students who have achieved success.

  • Governing body:

This section displays the institute’s governing body photo and designation.

  1. Faculty of School/College Management:

  • Faculty Member List:

This page contains a list of all of the institute’s faculty members.

  • Faculty member details:

After that clicking on a faculty member’s name, you can view detailed information about that person.

  1. The staff of School/College Management:

  • Staff List:

Therefore, this page of School/College Management contains a list of all of the staff members.

  • Faculty staff details:

By clicking on a staff member’s name, you can access detailed information about that person.

  1. Students of School/College Management: 

  • Student list by class:

This section displays a list of admitted students by class.

  • Student list by academic year:

So, the visitors can look up a list of students from any previous year’s class.