You’ve put in a lot of effort to conduct your experiments and type up your findings, and your research may be published. Moreover, what steps can you take to ensure that your work related to Promotional Video obtains the attention it deserves? So, We can assist you in conveying your research beyond your lab and friends.

It’s never been more important to communicate your research results clearly and accurately. Therefore, our Expert scientific scriptwriters, artwork, and animators create custom Research Promotion products to provide a snapshot of the key findings from your most recent study.

Our services for Promotional Video:

 Video services:

Our objective is to create a precise synopsis of your article available to anyone enthusiastic about your research. Further, it can also from friends and potential collaborators to funders and members of the public.

Thus, according to our findings, articles with video have:

  • Altmetric scores are 140 percent higher.
  • Views of the article increased by 80%.
  • Articles published in the same journal received a 33 percent boost in rankings.


  • Research promotion:

With their easy-to-use toolkit and marketing services, thus Cyber World IT can help you reach a global audience and track the interest in your work. So, Cyber World IT  is the world’s most popular platform for showcasing research and the only one dedicated to increasing research communication, engagement, and impact.

Features of Promotional Video at Cyber World IT:

  • A visually appealing online profile for your research.
  • So, the professional writers will create a plain-language summary of your research to engage a wider audience.
  • A briefing that is structured to highlight critical messages for your primary target audience
  • A dedicated communications team will publicize your study to pre-existing email, web, media, and social media audiences.
  • After that, display your research by visually highlighting essential points.


  •  Infographics:

Moreover, the infographics provide a visually appealing summary of your study’s key findings.

  • Customize Infographic:

Therefore, tell the story of your research in a brief, eye-catching, and understanding way.

So, Our professional illustrators created a unique design for you.


  • Colorized
  • Formatted for easy social media sharing
  • There are two styles to choose from (modern and traditional)

 Visual Abstract:

A visual representation of your study’s background, methodology, and key findings.

  • Custom-made template for maximum readability
  • Formatted for easy social media sharing

Benefits of choosing Cyber World IT for Promotional Video:

1. Improves Visibility:

Therefore, with properly targeted video content. Further,  you can increase your Visibility.

2. Saves Time:

So, with video, you can convey more information to your audience in a limited duration.

3. Easily available:

Through various channels, you can reach out to a more significant number of people online.

4. Greatest possible impact:

Provides the most significant impact on accessible budget opportunities.

5. Measure-able:

To generate new ideas, keep track of the number of views and returns.