Industrial Production Management ERP Solutions

Industrial Production Management ERP software is a powerful tool that enables manufacturers to effectively plan, execute, monitor, and control their production activities. It covers a spectrum of functions including inventory management, supply chain optimization, production scheduling, quality control, resource allocation, financial management, and more. The software integrates data from various departments and provides real-time insights, enabling informed decision-making and fostering collaboration across the organization.

Worldwide Al Based Industrial Management ERP Why Industry Owner Choose Us?

Industry owners choose our ERP solutions for transformative benefits that empower their businesses to thrive in today's competitive landscape. Our cutting-edge Industrial Management ERP Solutions bring unparalleled efficiency, innovation, and strategic advantages to your operations.

It's important to note that while AI offers substantial potential benefits, its successful implementation requires careful planning, data quality, training, and integration with existing systems. As technology continues to evolve, AI-based Industrial Management ERP solutions have the potential to revolutionize the way production-based companies operate, making them more agile, competitive, and efficient on a global scale.

Key Benefit Of Our Industrial Production Management software

  • Streamline processes, enhancing overall efficiency.
  • Optimize resources for cost-effective production.
  • Monitor production in real-time for insights.
  • Manage inventory levels accurately and effectively.
  • Automate workflows for smoother operations.
  • Ensure high-quality products with systematic checks.
  • Gain insights from data for informed decisions.
  • Improve accuracy in demand prediction.
  • Strategize production schedules for better planning.
  • Minimize production downtime for better uptime.
  • Enhance team communication and coordination.
  • Ensure adherence to industry regulations.
  • Track product origins and production processes seamlessly.
  • Generate comprehensive reports for analysis.
  • Control costs throughout the production lifecycle.
  • Easily adapt to changing production needs and scale.

Modules and Features of Our Software

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  • Financial Year
  • Chart of Account
  • Sub Account
  • Predefined Accounts
  • Opening Balance
  • Bank Reconciliation


  • Expense Voucher
  •  Debit Voucher
  • Credit Voucher
  • Contra Voucher
  • Journal Voucher
  • Voucher Approval

Account Report

  • Cash Book
  • Bank Book
  • Day Book
  • General Ledger
  • Sub Ledger
  • Coa Report
  • Trial Balance
  • Income Statement
  • Statement of Expenditure
  • Profit Loss
  • Balance Sheet
  • Fixed Assets Schedule
  • Receipt & Payment
  • Bank Reconciliation Report
  • Coa Print


  • Add production
  • Test production
  • Manage production
  • Manage Dryer plant
  • Manage Godown


  • Manage supplier
  • Payment
  • Ledger
  • Debit
  • Credit
  • Sales


  • Manage customer
  • Payment
  • Ledger
  • Debit
  • Credit
  • Sales


  • Manage purchase
  • Invoice
  • Payments


  • Manage sale ( view, Edit ,delete)
  • Invoice
  • Payments


  • Manage stocks
  • Product wise stock
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