The term “Cable Operator Management System” or Internet/Cable Opt. Management refers to a system used to remove the manual process of arranging cable subscriptions.

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Further, the system’s goals are to automate and simplify in-field counting, which is making done manually. We enter the collection accounts and records on computers and save them on computers. Thus it becomes more accessible and easy to update.

Moreover, in Bangladesh, the cable operator industry is well-established, and the failures and leakages in their company models are adjustable.

What we do:

As if they don’t have a track record of accountable recoveries. Therefore, the field men in charge of recoveries suppress an accurate picture of recoveries, new connections, and their current locations in-field. So, the owner has already set an amount in his mind that will be lost each month.

Another issue is that the field guys charge a reconnection fee whenever someone leaves the house and a new family moves in. At the same time, the owner was completely unaware of this reconnection fee. So, we build our solution for the cable industry’s problems in mind local cable network operators.

Benefits of Internet/Cable Opt. Management:

  • Keep track of the current location of the entire field force.
  • There will be SMS communication to make sure the recovery of the customers.
  • SMS notification to customers upon reconnection
  • Route optimization for field personnel
  • Time and money saved
  • Tracking of field personnel over one month
  • Simple invoicing and automatic monthly billing
  • Keeping track of all recoveries
  • Ledgers of Customers
  • Receipts are simple to create with a pocket printer.
  • You have complete control over your company.

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