This is the era of e-commerce. More and more companies are now moving to online, whether it is physical products or services or just virtual entities. Quite obviously, since e-commerce is a booming field, e-commerce tools too are in high demand.

Among the e-commerce web building tools OpenCart is one of the best. It is a complete shopping cart solution. It is easy to install, flexible in modification, built in function that are quite useful for e-commerce web solution, well-organized admin panel and great data handling capability. It has order management and multiple payment gateway.

Opencart has many features that make it an optimum choice for e-commerce web design.

  • Easy to Install: The 4-step Installation process is a breeze due to looser system requirements. The modification system is really flexible and the built in functionality makes it more compatible for e-commerce uses.
  • Fast and light-weight: The front and back-end services are a lot faster than most shopping cart systems. Also the server resource usage is significantly lower than any other shopping cart systems.
  • MVC framework: Built on a scalable MVC framework with an organized coding logic; making it by far the easiest to customize. The admin can add or remove any module at will.
  • Administration: The administration interface is smooth, fast-loading and user-friendly. Impressive analytics and reporting functionality are available to help the admin to analyze the site’s status.

We prefer to use Opencart because of these upsides and also our clients are vastly benefited from it. The feature we can provide with Opencart makes the site user friendly and e-commerce compatible.

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